The Hadoop Data Warehouse
On-premise and in the Cloud
Infoworks makes data warehousing on Hadoop WORK.
Infoworks is the only solution providing complete functionality in a single platform from data ingestion, data synchronization and the building of data models and cubes
Scale your data warehousing and analytics on Hadoop, not by adding armies of people but instead by using advanced machine intelligence

The Infoworks Data Warehouse automatically crawls data sources ranging from flat files to relational database whether in the cloud or on-premise, and ingests data with high-parallelism and performance. All ingested data is partitioned and organized for efficient queries, while preserving data precision. Infoworks continuously synchronizes this data with the source; changed data is automatically captured merged with the base data in a high-performance process, to create & maintain current and historical views. The Enterprise-Cloud Bridge enables secure and high-performance data synchronization for hybrid cloud deployments. (Infoworks is available for both cloud and on-premise deployments)

The Infoworks Data Warehouse includes a visual, interactive data transformation capability. This enables users to work interactively with very large data sets, in a collaborative, workflow-centric user interface, reducing dependency on IT skills. Infoworks automatically organizes data models for high-performance access to the data for multiple business applications and use cases including OLAP, SQL, ODBC, API, R, advanced analytics and others. Infoworks also builds fully pre-aggregated OLAP cubes that provide sub-second query responses.
Infoworks is the only product that provides fully automated, end-to-end functionality for Data Warehousing on Hadoop