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The Infoworks Autonomous Data Engine
Eliminate big data complexity through automation
Big Data Complexity is Limiting Enterprises’ Ability to Capture the Strategic Value of Their Data
Harnessing data is critical for any business. Enterprises must leverage their data or lose to competitors who do. However, complexity of the problem has limited the success of these efforts.
This is a complex problem due to the rapidly increasing volume and variety of:
  • Data
  • Data sources
  • Data consumers
  • Use cases and analytics
and... The Rapidly Increasing Velocity of Deployment
Automation is the Key to Eliminate Complexity
Introducing the Infoworks Autonomous Data Engine
The Autonomous Data Engine, applies an unprecedented level of automation to data workflows and data engineering to eliminate big data complexity.

Automates the complete data workflow from source to consumption

Automates migration of data and workloads from legacy data warehouse systems to big data platforms

Automates orchestration and management of production analytics pipelines and critical infrastructure

Automates delivery of data to BI and advanced analytics
Infoworks Automation - Enabling Enterprises to focus on business results
Infoworks in Action for Customers
The Autonomous Data Engine has been deployed in production by large enterprises to run business critical applications. Infoworks customers have successfully implemented complex, large-scale use-cases in days instead of months.
At a Fortune 10 Healthcare Retailer
Implemented a complex, machine learning, near-real-time, business process in 19 days from concept to production
  • Synchronized business process data from Teradata every 10 mins
  • Achieved a business SLA of 15 minutes
  • Implemented by 2 engineers in 19 days from requirements to production
Reduced development cycle from 6 months to 4 days
  • Data sources, 3 years of production data
  • Pipelines with all transformation logic
  • Optimized data models and 3 Cubes
  • Reports and Dashboards
Infoworks Software Eliminates Complexity Through Automation
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